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At North Ridge Living we live and breathe property.
We are dedicated to providing quality, affordable homes in some of Christchurch’s best locations.

We undertake an extensive investigation as to what sites to develop and how to design the development in a practical way, so every well thought out home can continue to appreciate in value for investors and home owners alike.

Step 1.

Work out your budget

To do this you’ll need to get a clear view of your finances. This means looking at how much you earn vs how much you spend, and then weighing this up against your savings and/or how much equity you have in your current property.

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Step 2.

Mortgage pre-approval

Seeking pre-approval for your mortgage will give you a clear understanding of how much money you can borrow. The amount will depend on your income, your ability to repay the loan, and how much deposit you have and/or equity in your current property.

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Step 3.

Finding your home

Our property consultants will meet with you to discuss your property goals and show you our properties available for sale.

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Step 4.

Navigating the purchase process

Once you find a property you like, your property consultant will guide you through the sale and purchase agreement. Working with a solicitor, you’ll have the opportunity to place conditions on the agreement and complete due diligence before the contract goes unconditional.

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Step 5.

Settlement day

Settlement day is the date your lawyer sorts out arrangements with your bank so we can hand you the keys to your new property purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a turn-key home?

A turn-key home is a fully completed and move-in-ready property. When you purchase a turn-key home, you can start living in it immediately without the need for additional work or renovations.

Why should I buy a new-build?

Buying a new-build offers modern amenities, energy efficiency, and often comes with warranties. It eliminates the need for immediate repairs and allows you to enjoy the latest in design and construction.

Are your homes a good option for investors?

Yes! Tenants love new-build homes so buying off the plans is a great investment choice. New-builds require less maintenance compared to older homes, and are exempt from LVR restrictions so only require a 20% deposit.

What are the deposit requirements for a new-build home?

Deposit requirements vary but typically range from 5% to 20% of the property's value.

Can I use my KiwiSaver to purchase one of your properties?

If you have been a member of KiwiSaver for at least 3 years and intend to live in the property, you may be able to make a withdrawal from your KiwiSaver to put towards buying your first home.

I’m a first home buyer, am I eligible for financial support?

Kāinga Ora offers several products to help first home buyers into home ownership, these include the First Home Loan, First Home Grant, and KiwiSaver First-Home Withdrawal. You can check your eligibility on the Kāinga Ora website.

What is buying off the plans?

Buying off the plans involves purchasing a property before it is built or completed. Not only do you get a brand new property, but the price is fixed at the time of purchase so there is potential for capital gains even before moving in.